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Of mice and men was founded by the amazing Austin Carlile, after being kicked out of the band Attack! Attack! The band Of Mice and Men consists of Tino Arteaga, Phil Manansala, Alan Ashby, Aaron Pauley and the amazing Austin freaking Carlile. Of mice and men had come out with several albums. Their newest album is “The Flood”
A little about Austin Carlile, Austin Carlile claims that his inspiration for writing music is life. He says that it is really important to him to write about real stuff that people can relate too. He also says that his health problems influence the way he writes music, which in my opinion is quite fanatic. Austin Carlile had a viral infection inside of his heart and he gets them often. He says he is fine but he has to rest more and stay out of the heat more. Austin is an amazing artist and a sweet person and the fact that he is viewed as a bad role model really heats my coals. He stood by a girl with cancer and gets called a bad role model. How is that right? I think Of Mice and Men should be viewed differently because the band saves lives without even knowing they do so. Do fight for this band and the way they are viewed by the people who walk this earth for the sake of true music and its artists.

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